About myself:
From 1985 on, after having successfuly studied to be a musical actor, I worked as a dancer, singer and actor on stage and in front of the camera, for example:
  • 1992: Movie "Swing kids", Walt Disney Production, as singer and actor
  • 1991 - 1994 : "MM-Dancers" as singer, dancer and actor
"The movement and the expression will fit, when the feeling is true!"
From the very beginning I also wanted to work "behind the scenes". That is why I work more and more as a choreographer in great productions like:
  • 2001 : "Resident Evel", Constantin Film Production with Milla Jovovich
  • 2004 : "Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder", Cronaca Pantera Film Production, directed by Romuald Karmakar
"If you work together with people and concentrate on challenging them to explore their own personality, you can make use of their talents without ignoring their weaknesses."
I love to pass on my experience, knowledge and abilities to my students and support them in their development. Therefore I teach Jazz Dance, Street Dance/HipHop and Acting for Dancers. For example:
  • Since May 1995: Open classes, Tanzfabrik-Berlin
  • 2000 - 2003: Palucca Schule Dresden / Hochschule für Tanz
  • Since 2003: Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler"
"It's not only about sweat - show your soul!"
Short - Biography
Some examples of my former engagements:

2004 2004 joint founder of Pro-Stage Berlin. This Pop academy prepare singer + dancers on the complex work in the music industry. Here I lead the department dance. I inform jazzdance, streetdance/hip hop und acting. I create the Choreographien and produce the shows.
2004 Movie "die Nacht singt Ihre Lieder" ( DNS Pantera + Cronaca-Film Prod.)
Director : Romuald Karmaker ( "der Totmacher" - Götz George)
Première: March 2004,
Casting of Dancers
2002 Commercial "Mutti" ( C-Film Prod. ) for Volkswagen AG - "VW"
Director : Su Turhan
Camera : Michael Ballhaus
Casting of Dancers
2001 Movie "Resident-Evil" ( Constantin Film / Bernd Eichinger Prod.) starring: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez Director: Paul W. Anderson ( Event Horizon, Mortal Combat ) Camera: David Johnson
Choreographer / Movement - Coach;
Casting of Dancers
2000 Fashion- Show for Respectmen
1997-99 Dance Show "Xtra-Card dancers" for T-Mobil (German Telekom Mobilnet Gmbh)
1995-97 Theatre-Prod. "Die Barbaren" ; "Klassenfeind"
Director: Folke Braband
1993-95 Musical "The Sharks + The Show" (Kifrie Prod.)
Director: Doris Heiland
1992 Movie "Swing-Kids" (Walt Disney Prod.)
Director : Thomas Carter
Choreographer: Otis Sallid ("Malcolm X", "Fame")
1991-94 Member of the "MM-Dancecompanie"
Choreographer : Manue´l Mandon
1986 Danceproject "Safari"
Choreographer: Judith Flex, USA
1983-86 Member of the Show "Stagefright Six"(Musical; Jazz; Rock)
1983 Danceproject "Sprachen der Künste"
Choreographer: Nancy Karp, USA
1982 Danceproject "at the Breidscheidplatz"
Choreographer: Neva Howard, USA
About my work as a dancing teacher:

Since 2003 lecturer for Jazz-dance at the University of Music "Hanns Eisler", Berlin
Since 2003 Jazz- and Streetdance - Teacher at the "Danceworks"
Since 1999 Choreographer and Dancetrainer / Personal -Coach of the "DAN-Musicproduction"
Since 1995 Jazz- and Streetdance - Teacher at the "Tanzfabrik Berlin -Centre of Contemporary Dance"
Since 1984 Jazz- and Streetdance/ Hip Hop - Teacher in different schools in Berlin, among others :
  • 2000-03 - Palucca Schule Dresden
                       University of Dance
  • 1998-00 - Ballettakademie Hans Vogl
  • 1989-99 - Sportpark Studios
  • 1988-90 - Ballettzentrum Berlin
and I offer different Workshops all over Germany